Sheila Gunther



I identify and utilize effective techniques to assist students to achieve educational success. I personally evaluate the student’s interests, strengths and weaknesses and explore what works best to reach each student. This is a goal-oriented strategy, and I need to determine what the student wants to achieve as well as what the family expects. Family encouragement and support are often keys to success. Objectives should be realistic but should not be limited by past negative experiences. Success builds confidence.

I prepare students for exams and standardized tests, explaining and organizing factual materials for easy assimilation.

I teach students how to approach writing assignments, emphasizing organization and mechanical skills.

College-bound students need to begin early to evaluate schools and ways to make their best qualities apparent to those schools. The application process should be smooth, and the essays should reflect those characteristics of the student that appeal to prospective schools. I assist in selecting, emphasizing and presenting the most attractive points in the student’s profile.