Sheila Gunther



I am an experienced educator with expertise in diverse fields. I tutor in numerous academic subjects and assist students in the college application process. I did my graduate and undergraduate work at the University of Pennsylvania, specialized in Russian Language and Literature and graduated with honors and distinction. I teach English, French and Russian language, literature and culture at LIU Post. I taught Honors courses for the gifted and developed specialized courses and modified existing courses for learning disabled students. For decades I served as chair of the Foreign Language Department and chaired the college Admissions Committee. I also lectured and translated for industry and government. My scholarly addresses were well received by community audiences, with lectures on such diverse topics as The Making of the Superhero in Literature and Film, Horror in Literature, The Roots of Russian Anti-Semitism and The Origins of Nicknames in Baseball, and The Graphic Novel Origins of the film Gemma Bovary.

My articles on sustainability, discussing the role of the SASB and the insurance industry, have appeared in Bloomberg BNA. The Dispute Resolution Journal carried my recent article on the Russian role in the Yukos case. I have traveled extensively throughout Eastern and Western Europe, India, Israel and the Far East.


I am married. My husband, Samuel P. Gunther, an attorney and C.P.A., graduated from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, New York University School of Law and New York University Graduate School of Law. I have two daughters. The elder is an attorney and graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, New York University School of Law and New York University Graduate School of Law. The younger is an M.D., Ph.D., graduate of Harvard University, Rockefeller University and Weil-Cornell School of Medicine with dual board certification in psychiatry and neurology. I have four grandchildren who attend private schools in Manhattan.



BA: honors, University of Pennsylvania: Russian Language and Literature
MA: distinction, University of Pennsylvania: Russian Language and Literature
ABD: University of Pennsylvania: Russian Language and Literature


Phi Beta Kappa
National Defense Fellow, 3 years
National Russian Honor Society
National French Honor Society
National Education Honor Society
National Foreign Language Honor Society, Phi Sigma Iota


LIU Post, tenured full-time Associate Professor
College Application Preparation and Advisement
Tutoring (middle school, high school, college):
English, French, History


SAT 2 and AP prep in French, English, Literature & History
Tutoring in English Composition, Comprehension and Grammar
Tutoring in French Language and Literature
Tutoring in American and World History
College Application Preparation and Advisement
Testing Strategies for Gifted Students
Testing Skills and Subject Preparation for Language-based Learning Disabled Students
Study skills
Russian Language and Literature (19th and 20th century)
Formalist Literary Theory
Superhero Literature
Horror Literature
Film Criticism


Commercial Banks and Compliance with Sustainability Accounting Standards by Samuel P. Gunther, Sheila A.S. Gunther, and Richard H. Murray, NY Business Law Journal, v. 19, No. 1, Summer, 2015, pp. 50-57.

The Russian Spin On The Yukos Decision by Sheila A.S. Gunther and Samuel P. Gunther, Dispute Resolution Journal, v. 70, No. 1, March, 2015, pp. 41-49.

The Sustainability Accounting Standards Board, Insurance Companies and the SEC by Samuel P. Gunther, Richard H. Murray and Sheila A.S. Gunther, Bloomberg BNA Securities Regulation & Law Report, V.46, No. 31, August 4, 2014, pp. 1513-1519.

The Securities Laws and the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board by Samuel P. Gunther, Richard H. Murray and Sheila A.S. Gunther, Bloomberg BNA Securities Regulation & Law Report, V.46, No.11, March 17, 2014, pp.504-508.

Quoted in The Globe and Mail, How Do We Access our Inner Superman?, Monday, June 10, 2013, editors Craig and Marc Kielburger.



American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages
American Name Society
Modern Language Association


Academic Standing Committee, chair 6+ years, member 11 years
Admissions Committee, chair 5 years, member 8 years
Admissions Recruitment
Campus Committee on Student Writing
College 101 committees
Committee on Committees
Core Curriculum Committee, chair and member
Dean’s Review Committee
Faculty Council, chair
Foreign Language Department, chair
Freshman Year Seminar Leader
Hutton House Speaker
Middle States Self-Study University-Wide Steering Committee
Middle States Task Force on Organization, Administration and Governance
New York Times Great Teachers campaign
Orientation speaker
Personnel Committee
Presidential Search Committee
Recruitment speaker for visiting high schools
Speakers Bureau
Vice Presidential Search Committee
University Faculty Executive Council


Alliance Française
Alumni Committee, University of Pennsylvania
Co-editor of 1962 50th Reunion Yearbook (a University of Pennsylvania first)
English in Action
Reunion Executive Committee, University of Pennsylvania
Russian-English Translator for President E. Cook
Russian-English Translator for Russian Olympic crew team
Technical Editorial Consultant


Bellow: From The Victim to Ravelstein
Bending Rules in Literature and Baseball: Alexander Pushkin and Eddie Gaedel
The Bible as Horror Literature
Chekhov’s Short Stories: Introduction for Celeste Holmes at Tilles Center (brochure available)
Crime and Punishment as Psychological Realism
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? : From Novel to Film
Eugene Onegin, Superfluous Man
Formalist Critique of Jerzy Kosinsky’s The Painted Bird
Gemma Bovary film and graphic novel (brochure available)
Isaac Babel: A Soviet Anomaly
The Making of the Superhero: From Moses to Dr. Strange
The Origins of Nicknames in Professional Baseball (American Name Society 2003)
Solzhenitsyn: A Retrospective and Critical Approach


Furnished upon request